Peace Vigil Friday

Ed Flaherty

Dear Peacemakers,

It is spring, lots of folks are fully vaccinated, and we need peace in Yemen, at home, Iraq, Iran, Guatemala, etc. etc more than ever before.  Come if you can!!!  There will be  signs available, and informational  handouts.  In addition, I,m sure you’ll bring  some strong thoughts. We have been beginning at 3:30, going until 4:30.  If you can’t get there until 4:30, make a witness stand until 5:00.

Even  If you can’t make it, here are two things you can do. #1 – read up on the Daniel Hale case   As Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Pleads Guilty, Advocates Warn of ‘Profound Threat’ to Free Press | Common Dreams News  ,  and send  a petition to the judge asking for leniency #2  write the White House and demand that the promise made on Feb 4th to get the US out of the Saudi-coalition war on Yemen be kept.  Innocent civilians are dying of starvation every minute.  go to, scroll to bottom and look for “contact”.    

Hope to see you this Friday, and every Friday, at 3:30, East Entrance to the Pentacrest, on the UI campus in Iowa City. Invite a friend!!

Ed Flaherty, Secretary, Veterans For Peace #161

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