Is It Time For America To See What Gun Violence Really Looks Like?

While polls show that Americans overwhelmingly support background checks and banning assault weapons, the popular will to demand these common sense regulations seems largely absent.

Relying on historical precedent, Thom Hartmann makes the case that change has happened in our country when Americans were shown pictures or film of the results of the violence. This could be what we have to do now regarding gun violence and mass shootings.

“Have you ever seen a picture of a pile of bodies that have been ripped apart, their heads exploded by 223 caliber bullets the things that are fired out of an AR-556? I mean there’s a reason why this guy shot ten people and they are all dead. No survivors. No wounded. These are weapons of war. Have you seen the pictures? No. Of course not. Because the American media doesn’t show those kinds of pictures.”

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