Kim Reynolds And Big Ag

CCI continues the fight for Iowans and against factory farms

Iowans across the state want good-paying jobs, clean air and water, and vibrant communities.

But Governor Kim Reynolds only cares about one thing: big checks from factory farm corporations like Iowa Select, the fourth-largest pork producer in the country.

If Reynolds and factory farm corporations like Iowa Select think they can rig the rules to increase their profits without Iowans fighting back – they have another thing coming. [BFIA note: Iowa governor auctioned off access for pork barons’ charity. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds auctioned off an afternoon of her time to the highest bidder to raise money for her top campaign donors’ charity]

In the last couple weeks alone hundreds of Iowans have taken action for a moratorium on factory farms:

  • With over 100 Iowans participating in a virtual rally led by farmers and rural Iowans;
  • Participating in trainings on how we tell our stories and lobby legislators even in a pandemic; and
  • Driving over 150 Iowans called Speaker of House Pat Grassley, who claimed Iowans don’t want a factory farm moratorium.

This fight back is being led by Iowans from across the state.

Rural Iowans – like Michele – who built her dream home in rural Scott county, is now surrounded by thousands of corporate owned hogs;

Urban Iowans – like Shari – who depends on expensive nitrate removal systems in the Des Moines metro area for clean, safe water; and

Iowa farmers – like Joss – whose loved one’s health have been exploited by factory farm expansion in her corner of the state.

Our power doesn’t come from special interest donations. Our power comes from everyday people.

Will you join our movement of clean water protectors and factory farm fights with a gift of $25, $50 or $100?

Together we are building a better food & farm system, one that works for farmers, workers, eaters and the environment.

For a people and planet first Iowa.

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