New Podcast By Three Rural White Guys

Three Rural (Iowa) White Guys – that is, progressive rural white guys have a brand new weekly podcast and they also have a blog and a Facebook page.  It is their intention and hope to bridge the great rural-urban divide.  Good luck, guys!

This is from their website:

“It is pretty obvious that the world of podcasting doesn’t really need yet another trio of white men sharing their opinions to the world.  So we are owning our privilege. We understand that white men have an unfair advantage in society at this point in history, especially in rural communities. We understand that our opinions and experiences are very limited when it comes to important social issues. One of our goals is to use that privilege to help level that playing field. In addition to their expertise and wisdom, our diverse guest list helps to provide perspectives on diversity, privilege and life in rural America in the post Trump era. We hope to serve as a bridge between these perspectives and the paradigm of our rural white neighbors.


“Join us in our journey to help broaden the perspectives of urban and rural folks alike. We seek to help close the urban-rural divide, and give voice to rural communities around the country. From a progressive point of view, we want to engage with those who both agree and don’t agree with where we are coming from.  Join us in building pathways forward.”


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