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Action alert from Free Press

Urgent: The Senate is rushing through Trump’s completely unqualified FCC nominee to stop the Biden administration from closing the digital divide and restoring Net Neutrality.

The Senate vote on the right-wing Nathan Simington could happen as soon as TODAY: Call 202-751-4622 TODAY and urge your senators NOT to confirm Nathan Simington.

🚨 Call 202-751-4622 NOW and urge the Senate to reject Trump’s nominee for FCC commissioner using the script below.

URGENT: Thanks to Mitch McConnell, Trump’s FCC nominee, Nathan Simington, could be confirmed by the Senate as soon as Tuesday.

Simington has ZERO qualifications for this position. He’s been nominated as a result of strong-arm political tactics to reward his loyalty to Trump. He was hand-picked and forced through the Senate by a now-defeated president, for his apparent willingness to cast a vote on an unlawful and unconstitutional policy that Simington himself helped write.

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment. Call 202-751-4622 TODAY and urge your senators NOT to confirm Nathan Simington.

Here’s what you can say:

I’m calling to urge Senator _____ to vote “no” on Nathan Simington for FCC commissioner.

McConnell wants to push Trump’s nominee through now for one reason only: to obstruct the incoming Biden administration and its appointees. McConnell’s tactics and games are always destructive. But stopping the Biden FCC from taking desperately needed actions to get and keep people connected during the COVID-19 crisis is just plain cruel. Millions of people are unable to access basic necessities like telehealth care and remote learning, and this digital divide disproportionately impacts Black, Indigenous and other people of color.

Free Press Action and our allies have been working overtime on Capitol Hill to try to stop Simington’s nomination. But we urgently need your help now to stop this train wreck. Call 202-751-4622 right now and tell Sens. Grassley and Ernst to vote “no” on Simington.

P.S. Nathan Simington is unqualified and could hamstring the FCC for years to come. That means delays in a long laundry list of things we care about, including ensuring people can afford broadband, restoring Title II Net Neutrality, stopping mergers and boosting ownership of our media among people of color and women. Pick up the phone NOW and urge your senators to vote “no” on Simington using the script above.

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