Rita Hart For Iowa Statement On State Certification In IA-02

November 30, 2020

Rita Hart for Iowa Statement on State Certification in IA-02

“The process must continue to ensure all Iowans’ voices are heard”

WHEATLAND, IOWA — Rita Hart for Iowa campaign manager Zach Meunier issued the following statement on the latest phase of the race for Congress in IA-02:

“Throughout this entire recount process, our goal has always been to ensure that Iowans’ votes are thoroughly and fairly counted. When we began this recount, Rita Hart was down by 47 votes. As more Iowans’ voices were heard, the margin has narrowed dramatically and is now down to a mere 6 votes — making this the closest congressional race in recent history, and one of the very closest in the last hundred years.

This is despite the fact that, at every turn, the Miller-Meeks campaign has sought to keep legitimate votes from being counted — pushing to disqualify and limit the number of Iowans whose votes are counted.

Under Iowa law, this recount process was designed to count ballots that had already been tallied, meaning that additional legal ballots may have yet to be counted. Over the next few days, we will outline our next steps in this process to ensure that all Iowans’ voices are heard.”

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