Miller-Meeks Losing Ground In IA-02 Recount

Rita Hart for Iowa Statement on Latest Developments in IA-02 Recount

WHEATLAND, IOWA — Tonight, Rita Hart for Iowa campaign manager Zach Meunier issued the following statement on the margin closing in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District:

“The bipartisan Recount Boards designees have worked diligently throughout this recount process, dedicating their time, energy, and judgment to ensure that Iowans’ voices are heard and this recount is conducted fairly and thoroughly. Each individual county recount has made decisions by a majority of the three-person Recount Board and, in Scott County specifically, this fair and lawful process was agreed to by the Board more than five days ago.

The Miller-Meeks Campaign had no complaints during those five days, and is only now questioning the recount process as they lose ground. Now, they are questioning the integrity of the Recount Board members — including their own designee.

The Secretary of State’s office has repeatedly made clear that the Recount Boards have discretion over the mechanics of conducting the recount. Scott County’s hand recount process is not unique; several other counties are engaged in similar hand recounts. The reality is the Miller-Meeks campaign is simply scared of the likelihood that when all of the ballots are counted — they will lose.”

November 22, 2020

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