Iowa Four Needs JD Scholten In Congress

Urgent action alert from JD Scholten:

Wow. That’s all I have to say after looking at Randy Feenstra’s latest fundraising report. 46% of his total comes from PACs and corporate special interests.

This is just the beginning of what we could expect from Randy if he’s elected: the interests of Iowa’s 4th district taking a back seat to corporations and party politics. We’ve had enough of not being a priority from our own representative — it’s time for change.

In 15 days, we can show the establishment in Washington and the giant corporations that take advantage of our communities that this people-powered movement is unbeatable. Or, we’ll fall short, and Randy’s PAC sponsors will secure another yes man in the House.

We can decide the outcome of this race right now. Can you chip in $5 or whatever you can to help?

In the past two months alone, I’ve driven Sioux City Sue 7,786 miles to all 374 towns in our district. After learning about the hardship, the lack of opportunity, the rigged economic system, and more — another yes man for corporations and the 1% is the last thing working people need.

And we don’t have to settle for one. We need to seize our moment and show Feenstra’s PAC donors that we’re not backing down from this fight.

If you’re with me chip in $5 or whatever you can to help bring real change to Iowa and Washington.

Standing Tall for All,


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