How To Break Up The Republican Trifecta In Des Moines

State Senator Rob Hogg

Important action alert from Senator Rob Hogg: 

We need at least eight of the Senate candidates or four of the House candidates to win to break up the Republican trifecta in Des Moines. Find one or more of these candidates today who you can help support with your volunteer time or financially!

List of State Legislative Candidates

NOW IS THE TIME to support your favorite Democratic candidates for Iowa House and Iowa Senate with volunteer time, yard signs, letters to the editor, and financial contributions as you are able.

Here is the final list of non-incumbent Democratic candidates on the general election ballot running against Republican incumbents or in contested open seat races:


SD6 – C.J. Petersen of Breda
SD8 – Steve Gorman of Council Bluffs
SD10 – Warren Varley of Stuart
SD12 – Joey Norris of Red Oak
SD20 – Rhonda Martin of Johnston
SD22 – Sarah Trone Garriott of Windsor Heights
SD24 – Cynthia Oppedal Paschen of Ames
SD26 – Deb Scharper of Osage
SD28 – Matt Tapscott of Decorah
SD32 – Pam Egli of Waverly
SD36 – Dave Degner of Traer
SD38 – Ivy Schuster of Searsboro
SD40 – Lance Roorda of Leighton
SD44 – Tom Courtney of Burlington
SD46 – Chris Brase of Muscatine
SD48 – Eric Green of Monticello


HD4 – Bjorn Johnson of Ireton
HD7 – Debra Jensen of Forest City
HD8 – Glenn Kiss of Forest City
HD9 – Charles Clayton of Fort Dodge
HD10 – Carmella Schultes of Rolfe
HD11 – Sara Huddleston of Storm Lake
HD12 – Sam Muhr of Exira
HD14 – Steve Hansen of Sioux City
HD16 – Jen Pellant of Council Bluffs
HD17 – Jan Creasman of Woodbine
HD18 – Damon Hopkins of Dunlap
HD19 – Nick Miller of Polk City
HD20 – Ryan Morrison of Stuart
HD21 – Shaun Kelley of Afton
HD22 – Shawna Anderson of Oakland
HD24 – Chris Adcock of Essex
HD25 – Ryan Marquardt of Winterset
HD27 – Cody Dilliner of Allerton
HD30 – Lori Slings of Altoona
HD37 – Andrea Phillips of Ankeny
HD47 – Shelly Stotts of Boone
HD48 – Jack Friend of Ames
HD49 – Selden Spencer of Huxley
HD50 – Dennis Evans of Reinbeck
HD51 – Jane Podgorniak of Northwood
HD54 – Karen Koenig of Hampton
HD55 – Kayla Koether of Decorah
HD56 – Angela Reed of Guttenburg
HD57 – Ryan Quinn of Dyersville
HD63 – Carissa Froyum of Denver
HD64 – Jodi Grover of Rowley
HD67 – Eric Gjerde of Cedar Rapids
HD71 – Sue Cahill of Marshalltown
HD72 – Christina Blackcloud of Tama
HD73 – Lonny Pulkrabek of Iowa City
HD75 – Ruby Bodeker of Vinton
HD76 – Sarah Smith of Grinnell
HD78 – Kimberly Davis of Washington
HD82 – Phil Miller of Fairfield
HD84 – Jeff Fager of Mount Pleasant
HD88 – Sandy Dockendorff of Danville
HD91 – Kelcey Brackett of Muscatine
HD92 – Jennifer Kakert of Blue Grass
HD94 – Marie Gleason of Bettendorf
HD95 – Christian Andrews of Mount Vernon
HD96 – Everett Chase of Monticello
HD97 – Ryan Zeskey of Le Claire

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  1. A.D. says:

    I did some reading and some asking of informed friends about which Iowa House seats are considered to be most promising for a Democratic gain or most at risk for a Democratic loss. Then I donated to several of those candidates. I don’t know the candidates all that well, but I do know that the Iowa House needs to be flipped. Flip it, Iowa!


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