Charles Clayton For Iowa House Fort Dodge

Charles Clayton HD 9 Fort Dodge

Support your local state house candidate. Democrats only need to win four more seats to be in the majority.

“I don’t know anything about politics. But I know how to be a public servant.”

“I think that if democracy is going to work in America, then everybody needs to be included. But everybody also needs to participate. So I really can’t turn this down.”

– Charles Clayton, Democrat, candidate for Iowa House District 9

I won’t I will
I won’t apologize for being black
But I will try to respect, love and understand those who are not
I won’t lose my common sense for 100% loyalty to any one cause
I will try to educate myself to find common ground
I won’t become a political robot to be elected
I will fight the good fight and if need be get into the good trouble
I won’t stop loving republicans friends who have different view points then mine,
I will try to get them to see and understand my side and to find a way for everyone to be empowered
I won’t change my passion and not speak from the heart
I will speak for those who can’t be a voice for themselves
I won’t stop loving and fighting for my community even when I feel hopeless
I will reach out to friends of mine who are ministers and ask for prayers to give me strength to continue to fight.
I won’t stop thinking police are killing innocent black people
I will continue to meet locally with chief Roger Porter, and other law enforcement, to create change
I won’t stop being frustrated and saddened that black are killing and shooting other blacks right here in dodge
I will continue to try to change this mindset by working with you and families.
I won’t stop calling out people because it might hurt my image
I will work with anyone who is true of heart and have good intentions.
Win or lose this election to serve fort dodge ( district 9) on a larger scale I won’t ever change my passion, my love, my voice , my truth
I will educate and surround myself with people who will make me an even better leader.

Charles was born and raised in Ft. Dodge, Iowa. His mom worked for the Fort Dodge school system in the laundry room and then as a custodian. His father was a cook and mechanic. Growing up, Charles enjoyed playing sports with friends in the backyard and in high school played on the 1988 state championship basketball team. He also played the saxophone in school.

In high school and as a young man, Charles struggled to follow the rules and was arrested for shooting a rifle into the air on New Year’s Eve in 1992. While no one was hurt, Clayton received a felony conviction and completed his sentence.

Clayton used the defining moment in his life to be accountable to himself and turn his life around. For the last 25 years, Charles has dedicated his life to working with kids and he uses his own powerful story of redemption to prevent them from making the same mistakes he made as a kid.

Charles is the co-founder and executive director of Athletics for Education & Success (AFES). Launched in 2004, the non-profit organization provides after school programs, sports teams, mentoring groups, drumline groups, education and cultural opportunities for kids and families. The goal is to teach kids to be leaders on and off the field while stressing the importance of education and living a positive lifestyle.

Charles has three grown sons and one grandchild. His sister, Shirlely, lives in Kansas City and was in the Air Force. His younger sister, Jackie, passed a few years ago. He enjoys reading, coaching, sports, and spending time with his new grandchild.

Follow the candidate on Facebook where you will see many commenters saying they are voting for him because he is such a good guy, even though they are  not Democrats. Follow Charles on Twitter


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