Debunking All The Joni Ernst Attacks

Theresa Greenfield

This just in from Sam Newton at the Theresa Greenfield campaign.

Hi all – As Politifact is slamming the NRSC’s latest false claim against Theresa Greenfield, that now means every political attack that the NRSC and the Ernst campaign have launched against Theresa on TV since the start of the general election has been debunked by an independent fact check.

If you want to see what a campaign with no message in late July looks like, here’s a rundown of how Senator Ernst and the NRSC have been “grasping at straws” to make up political attacks about Theresa, whether it’s objectively false claims about her business record, position on taxes or her pledge to take zero dimes from corporate PACs.

Unfortunately, it’s likely as Ernst continues to lag in the polls and fundraising, her campaign and allies will only become more desperate and misleading.

Sam Newton
Communications Director
Theresa Greenfield for Iowa
Twitter: @SamNewton

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