Iowa Needs A CAFO Moratorium

Action alert – CCI has been leading the fight against CAFO proliferation in Iowa. Click on the link below to sign the petition.

Yesterday, the Hardin County Board of Supervisors denied two proposed factory farm applications.

The applications proposed by Tri-B Farms LLC and Ferris Pork would have added almost 7,500 hogs to a county already saturated with factory farms.

The County Board of Supervisors denied Tri-B Farms for their failure to provide sufficient detail for a composting structure and the Ferris Pork site was denied for attempting to claim a Family Farm Tax Credit that they did not qualify for.

Both of these objections were brought to the supervisors attention by Iowa CCI members who spent countless hours reviewing the applications and preparing for the public hearing.

That’s grassroots organizing power at its finest.

The Iowa DNR will still need to make a decision to approve or deny these applications. Regardless of what they decide, we will keep fighting for what’s right because we should not have to worry about a factory farm moving in, further threatening our public health during and beyond the global public health crisis we are facing.

Join us in demanding that Reynolds implement an immediate six month moratorium on new factory farm permits.

As Iowans practice necessary physical distancing to flatten the curve, the DNR continues to rubber stamp factory farm applications, without any guidance on how to proceed with public comment.

Right now, there are over 30 factory farm applications in 25 different counties being reviewed by the Iowa DNR, even as the industry says producers are being forced to euthanize livestock currently in factory farms.

Why is our health and safety being compromised for the profits of Big Ag and the factory farm industry? Why are we continuing to expand an industry that clearly isn’t prepared to handle the current crisis we are in?

Enough is enough!

The COVID-19 crisis has clearly highlighted the huge cracks in our highly consolidated industrial food system, proving it’s far less resilient than the diversified, regional operations it replaced.

Add your name to our letter demanding Reynolds sign an executive order for an immediate moratorium on factory farms.

Right now, our first priority should be taking care of the immediate needs of us, our loved ones, and our communities. We will continue to hold Governor Reynolds, the DNR and the factory farm industry accountable to our needs, to create and win policies that make life better all of us, both during and after the moment we are in.

P.S. Join us for our four-part webinar series to dig in on The Food & Farm System We Need & Deserve to learn from our allies across the Midwest region who are fighting alongside us for a better, more equitable food and farm system.

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