Save The Post Office From Trump’s Path Of Destruction

Blog for Iowa has been posting about Republicans trying to dismantle the Post Office since before it was popular.  The evil GOP has been trying to close post offices for the past decade. Check out our previous articles about their efforts here  and  here:

Please consider responding to this urgent action alert from DailyKos Action and

The coronavirus pandemic has hurt one of the oldest institutions of our country, the U.S. Postal Service, and according to Postmaster General Megan Brennan, the Postal Service is likely to run out of money by September of this year (the end of this fiscal year) if the federal government does not step in.

The Postal Service has been an essential part of American life for centuries. Not only does the USPS have 31,600 post offices around the country that service remote rural areas as well as low-income people, it employs over 650,000 people.

But Republicans have been clamoring to privatize the mail industry to support their corporate friends, and they are now hoping the USPS will go bankrupt during a global pandemic.

The federal government must protect the USPS employees, not to mention the vital materials and products these service workers are providing to our communities. From delivering medicine to the sick to vote by mail ballots the USPS’ work is a fundamental part of our nation.

To not fund and protect the USPS is an attempt by Republicans and the Trump administration to bankrupt an essential service that meets the needs of all people in this country, instead of prioritizing corporate greed.

That’s why we are asking you to sign MoveOn’s petition to demand that the Trump administration and Congress fully fund the United States Postal Service.

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