Join J.D. Scholten For Virtual Town Hall On Covid-19

We’re in an incredibly stressful, uncertain time and in desperate need of leadership… so maybe someone should tell Steve King?

Steve King voted no on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which had widespread bipartisan support. He voted no on supporting families, workers, students of all ages, and small businesses.

Meanwhile, J.D. is hosting a virtual town hall on the COVID-19 pandemic Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m. CT. He’ll be answering folks’ questions, directing them to valuable resources and information, and giving them the chance to hear from an expert in infectious diseases.

If you agree that J.D. is showing the sort of leadership we need, please chip in $3 or whatever you can afford to J.D.’s campaign for Congress today — we need leaders like him in office during good times and bad.

While Steve King is posting memes about coronavirus online, you can join J.D., Heidi Heitkamp (former senator from North Dakota and co-founder of One Country Project) and Dr. Eli Perencevich (an infectious disease doctor and epidemiologist at the University of Iowa) at tomorrow night.

Our campaign will share information about how this disease works; how it’s already affecting our rural communities; policy solutions that would ensure the nutrition, housing, economic, and health care needs of our working people and families are met; and available resources. To get through this crisis, we all need to come together.

This is the type of leadership we need — but only one candidate for Iowa’s 4th District is standing up.

If you can, pitch in today to help us elect a leader like J.D.

Thanks for your help — we hope to see you tomorrow for our virtual town hall!

— Team Scholten

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