Ernst, Grassley Vote to Strip Paid Sick Leave From Emergency Coronavirus Legislation

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531,000 Iowans Lack Access to Paid Sick Leave

DES MOINES, IA — Iowa Forward Executive Director Emily Holley released the following statement after Iowa Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley twice voted against paid sick leave for Iowans who need relief now, in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic:

“Senators Ernst and Grassley failed to serve Iowans today when they voted against
giving hundreds of thousands of Iowans access to the paid sick leave needed to get
through this national crisis. Our senators need to put Iowans first. Now is not the time
for partisanship — it’s time for leadership. Iowans are calling on their elected leaders
to do what’s best for our state, not for special interests.”


The U.S. Senate held three votes this afternoon. The first two votes were on
amendments to the House-passed, underlying bill that’s considered Phase 2 of
Congress’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Before voting for the overall bill,
Senators Ernst and Grassley voted against the first amendment (to provide universal
paid family and sick leave) and for the second amendment (to eliminate the paid
sick provisions in the underlying bill).


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Iowans on key issues as they apply to Senator Joni Ernst and her voting record. Our aim is to persuade Senator Ernst to take progressive action on critical issues that impact her
constituents while holding her accountable when she fails to do so.

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