Caucus Phone Jamming By Trump Supporters Should Be Investigated

Allen Raymond went to prison for phone jamming for RNC in  NH 2002

ICYMI.  Multiple news outlets reported about the phone lines being jammed on caucus night by Trump supporters.  Former NH Democratic chair Kathy Sullivan recalls a 2002 phone jamming scandal in her state that resulted in GOP political operatives being convicted of federal crimes and going to prison. She has called for an investigation into what happened on caucus night 2020 in Iowa.

Iowa has taken a lot of heat for the problems, and it stands to reason that if the precinct chairs had been able to get through, results could have been reported in a more timely manner, and this would not have gotten blown up by the media to the extent that it has.

NBC News reported on Thursday that the party’s hotline number was repeatedly posted on the online message board 4chan as voting took place on Monday night. Its users, who are anonymous and have trolled and harassed the president’s political opponents, urged others to call in.

Maddow reports, “NBC News and other news organizations tracked down messages from pro-Trump political message boards showing Trump supporters in real time on caucus night posting and reposting the hotline numbers for precinct chairs and encouraging others to “F” them up and to “keep clogging the lines.”

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