Ernst Sticks With The NRA

A common tactic of perpetrators of domestic abuse is to accuse the victim of things that he himself is doing.  A classic example is a husband constantly berating his wife or girlfriend of cheating to keep her on the defensive and cover the fact of his own cheating.

In a speech on the senate floor last week, Joni did what Republicans always do when they’re doing something wrong.  She blamed Democrats. Joni Ernst can’t bring herself to displease the NRA and support a bill that would restrict gun ownership for abusers even though she has said that she is a victim of sexual assault herself and has pledged to make VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) a priority.  Wow.

This is what she said prior to voting AGAINST the re-authorization. 

She said that she would leverage her new role on the Senate Judiciary Committee “to get the Violence Against Women Act reauthorized…We have to modernize it,” she continued. “We have to reauthorize it. It was allowed to expire last fall and that shouldn’t happen.”   Link

According to Bleeding Heartland, most of the GOP caucus voted against the bill because of a new provision that bothered the NRA.   Joni’s choice to support the NRA’s point of view rather than stick to her own priorities is one of the clearest displays yet of her inability to represent Iowans.

Check out Joni’s speech below and the full story on Bleeding Heartland.

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  1. Jim R says:

    Another disgusting example of gop-think. Vote her out.


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