Trump Impeachment Will Test The Strength Of The Right Wing Propaganda Machine

Fox News is the propaganda arm of the Trump white house.  But it seems lately the right wing propaganda machine seems to be cracking.

“It is a crime for the president to solicit aid for his campaign from a foreign government… That to which he has already admitted, is a crime.”  – conversation between Andrew Napolitano, Fox News legal analyst, and Fox News anchor Shep Smith.

I mentioned to a friend just the other day that I believe the impeachment of Donald Trump and the 2020 election will be a test of the power of the right-wing propaganda machine.  Gabe Sherman, Vanity Fair special correspondent, concurs.  This is one of several interesting things he said last week on Lawrence O’Donnell’s Last Word.

“Fox News was created by Republicans so that Watergate would never happen again. We are now entering what appears to be that Watergate moment. Will the power of Fox News be able to hold the line or will the dam break?”


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