Podcast: Grassley On America’s Gun Problem

This commentary about Grassley’s remarks was submitted by a trusted reader who prefers to remain anonymous.  Click on the link below to listen to the podcast of the interview about Grassley’s position regarding guns.  I have one question for the interviewers and the rest of the media: Why don’t you ever ask a follow-up question?


Grassley’s latest effort to protect assault-type rifles. He, like other firearms apologists, points out the difference between a “submachine gun” and a sporting rifle as the ability of the former to fire multiple rounds with one pull of the trigger. The gun lobby people often use semantics to cloud the issue; an AR-15 isn’t an assault rifle because it only fires one round with each pull of the trigger. In my mind, having fired automatic and semiautomatic weapons, any rifle, or any pistol with an extended magazine, capable of pumping 30 or more bullets into a crowd of people just as fast as the shooter can pull the trigger, is bygosh an assault weapon.

Grassley’s proposed bills are better than nothing, but they won’t stop people who have no record of criminal actions or any indications of murderous intent from killing others. If they have access to assault weapons, then they can be much more efficient at their killing. The only solution is to ban all military-style firearms and any weapon or magazine holding more than a certain number of rounds. The owners can be compensated, but those items must be taken out of civilian ownership.

And yes, somebody will at sometime be able to obtain one and commit mass murder, but it will eventually be much harder to find one, and some other insane people will still kill others, but they won’t be able to kill as many.

Grassley really made noise after he went after the ATF after the Fast and Furious debacle, when a large number of semiautomatic weapons were lost. If Grassley and his colleagues had not voted to repeal the assault weapons ban, it would have made it much harder to obtain those weapons. Some day, I hope he will see the light and do what’s best for this country, instead of hiding behind the Second Amendment and kowtowing to the NRA.

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