Trump Supporting Farmers Are Not Necessarily Being “Patriotic”

What a messed up frame on this issue by Iowa Press. 

So apparently a farmer at a Demcoratic candidate town hall said something like, “we’re being asked to be patriotic…”  Unclear exactly what that means, but nonetheless that was how the question was posed to Sec. of Agriculture Mike Naig (R-Des Moines) on Iowa Press.  “How long can ‘patriotic farmers” sustain this trade war?’  Patriotism has nothing to do with this. And who is doing the asking? They are being asked to blindly support Trump’s disastrous policies and being told that is patriotic?  Not patriotism, but politics as usual.


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2 Responses to Trump Supporting Farmers Are Not Necessarily Being “Patriotic”

  1. C.A. says:

    I’m a longtime Iowa Public Television donor. But I am increasingly unhappy with IOWA PRESS, The questions from the journalists in the past few years seem intended to keep the guests safely within their comfort zones, talking only about what they want to talk about.

    The Naig interview was a classic example, with one question being about whether Naig is encouraged by field experiments aimed at reducing fertilizer use. What was Naig going to say in response? “No”? Meanwhile, hard questions that really should be asked (like, in the case of Naig, why cover crops are still only being used on a tiny percentage of Iowa cropland) are either not asked at all or asked in ways that allow the guests to easily avoid giving answers.

    A friend who is also unhappy with IOWA PRESS suggested that if this soft approach continues, the show should be renamed IOWA PRESS RELEASE.


  2. Trish Nelson says:

    Agree with your friend, C.A. I would go one step further and observe that they seem to have less trouble asking snidely phrased, pointed questions of the Democratic guests.


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