Congress May Reinstate Net Neutrality

Action alert from Fight for the Future

For months, lawmakers have been promising to fully overturn Ajit Pai’s net neutrality repeal.1

Now news just broke that Wednesday morning they plan to announce the “Save the Internet Act” to reinstate strong net neutrality rules.2

This is huge. But with the news is in the headlines, the telecom lobbyists are gearing up to swarm Capitol Hill. Now we need to push lawmakers extra hard to support the new legislation before the lobbyists get to them.

Click here to call your lawmakers and demand they support new legislation that fully restores net neutrality before Big Telecom’s lobbyists swarm Capitol Hill.


For weeks, corrupt members of Congress have been circulating bad net neutrality bills in hopes they can trick telecom-beholden members of Congress into adding their name to legislation that would permanently undermine the free and open Internet.3

With the bad bills in circulation, it’s super important that we get ahead of the telecom lobbyists and build support for REAL net neutrality legislation before tomorrow’s launch.

Click here to call your lawmakers and tell them to add their name to the new legislation before it goes live.

–Josh, on behalf of FFTF


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