Royceann Porter Honored At State Capitol For Black History Month

Royceann Porter

Yesterday Royceann Porter, the first black person in Johnson county history to be  elected to a county-wide office was honored at the Capitol for Black History Month.

Mary Mascher tells us more about Royceann:

“In recognition of Black History Month it is my privilege to honor a very special Iowan, Royceann Porter. On Dec. 18th of last year Royceann made history, as the first African American to hold a county-wide office in Johnson County. She now serves as one of four women on our five-member Board of Supervisors.

During one of the League of Women Voters Forums before the election, Royceann said,

“As a black woman, I see our community through a different set of experiences than anyone who has ever been on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors. Some of the experiences are good and hopeful, and some are not. We are lucky to have people on the board who take equity and equality seriously. That is something I will do too.”

Royceann can be described in so many ways; wife, mother, friend, neighbor, volunteer, activist, and leader. As a community leader devoted to improving the lives of her neighbors, Royceann has been an advocate on a wide variety of issues including mental health services, affordable housing, veterans’ services, workers’ rights, and restorative justice.

Royceann holds a degree in social work from Kirkwood Community College and has served on the Iowa City Community Police Review Board. Most recently she served as a project organizer for the Teamsters Local 238. She has also served on The Coalition for Racial Justice, Juvenile Justice Youth Development Policy Board, The Iowa City Community School District’s Equity Committee, The African American Parents’ Group and the Martin Luther King Teachers’ Inservice Planning Committee.

We are all looking forward to Royceann’s leadership on the Board of Supervisors. Her community activism has prepared her for the challenges and responsibilities of being a good board member. I know she will work with others to improve the quality of life not only for minority residents but for all residents in Johnson County.

Ako [Rep. Ako Abdul-Samard] you will vouch for my statement that Royceann is one of the best Mac and Cheese chefs in the state.

Please join me in honoring, my friend, Royceann Porter.”

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