Progress Iowa Is Standing Up To Bobby Kaufmann

Q. Who does this remind you of?

“It is absolute that after today, any group that sends out an email scaring our constituents, I’m going to publicly call you a liar,” Kaufmann said.

A. Donald Trump

Just an observation…

Bobby Kaufmann also said “he will block any attempt to adjust the pension benefits awarded through the Iowa Public Employees Retirement System — commonly called IPERS” according to Radio Iowa

Great!  So why does Kaufmann feel he has to threaten people by calling them liars?  A Republican senator introduced legislation last year that would have changed IPERS. Kim Reynolds has mentioned an IPERS task force.

Progress Iowa is just making sure public officials don’t mess with Iowans’ pensions. Why doesn’t Kaufmann say something like, yes, that idea is floating around out there but “I want to reassure you that I will not let that happen?”

Progress Iowa issued the following press release in response to Kaufmann’s defensive, insulting comments.

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Rep. Bobby Kaufmann publicly bullied a number of organizations during the House State Government Committee meeting this morning, including Progress Iowa, if they continue to speak out in support of the Iowa Public Employees Retirement System, better known as IPERS. Kaufmann threatened to publicly brand Progress Iowa as a liar for bringing attention to the issue of retirement security, and for accurately pointing out the arguments that Republicans have made in the past to privatize the system.

Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response:

“We won’t be bullied by Bobby Kaufmann. Retirement security is too important for us to stay silent, and we will keep encouraging Iowans to stay informed and speak out.”

“Kaufmann is treating Iowans as if we’re fools. But we remember when he promised not to vote for a Wisconsin-style bill to gut worker’s rights. Then he ended up supporting the bill to gut collective bargaining two years ago.”

“Kaufmann also doesn’t speak for the Iowa Senate, or the Governor, who conspicuously left IPERS and retirement security out of her condition of the state address last week.”

“Kaufmann ought to listen to what Iowans are saying before publicly threatening us. Our message has been that elected officials must keep their promises on IPERS and retirement security, and that we will work to hold them accountable if they don’t.”

“Iowans deserve the truth, and we won’t remain silent while Bobby Kaufmann tries to grandstand and deceive.”


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