How You Can Help J.D. Scholten Defeat Steve King Today

Urgent action requested from the J.D. Scholten campaign

If we want to win this race, if we want to replace a Congressman that continually embarrasses us with one that we can be proud of, we need your help.

We don’t have enough people to canvass all the doors we need to hit in the next 48 hours, and we urgently need your help to get it done. 

Take a look at the images above. This isn’t just critically important work, it’s fun too! 

So help out tomorrow. Help out on Tuesday. We have turfs cut and lit ready to roll, and most of our offices have pretty good snacks to keep you fueled up as you go. If you’ve never canvassed before, it’s easy to get started and we have plenty of people on hand to offer support.

Just sign up here: to get started!

And if you’re not in the district and want to help, you can sign up to join our remote phone bank team here:

We’re on the verge of making history. Let’s not let this opportunity get away from us!

Thank you for being a part of this incredible movement.

Standing Tall for All,
Team Scholten Volunteers

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