Democracy In Peril

Yes this is a money ask, but even if you cannot donate to this important cause, you should read this note from John Kerry.  Our Democracy has many problems, but partisan gerrymandering has to be one of the top priorities we need to solve if Democracy is going to survive.


Our democracy is in peril as never before.

I’m not just talking about President Trump — although he certainly plays a very big role. He campaigned arguing the system is “rigged,” and he was right about that, if nothing else.

But he was not right about it in the way he meant. In fact, Donald Trump is the beneficiary of a rigged system that makes politics ugly and makes governing nearly impossible.

The system is rigged. In state after state, voters’ voices are being drowned out because of years of purposeful, partisan, polarizing Republican gerrymandering. Instead of voters electing their representatives, representatives are picking their voters. That’s not how our process was designed to work.

To make our democracy the best it can be, we need to focus on fixing structural issues like gerrymandering.

That’s why I support the work of the NDRC and former Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., who are implementing an ambitious and comprehensive strategy to end gerrymandering. But their strategy can only work through the participation of thousands, even tens of thousands, of grassroots activists across the country. Will you be one of them by making a donation today, friend?

Want to know how bad Republican gerrymandering has gotten? Let’s take a look at a couple of swing states. (And believe me, I know a thing or two about swing states!)

First, Ohio: the quintessential swing state, a place I spent a lot of time. It’s split about 50-50 between Republican and Democratic voters, but because of gerrymandering, Ohioans are represented in the U.S. House by 12 Republicans and only 4 Democrats. Next, North Carolina: 10 Republicans and 3 Democrats in its House delegation. Pennsylvania: 12 Republicans and 6 Democrats. The list goes on.

The consequences of gerrymandering don’t end with the maps. When Republicans have an overwhelming, safe majority, they can ignore the will of the people and ram through unpopular legislation, like voter suppression laws that further disenfranchise voters and skew elections. They listen only to the most extreme and the most partisan agendas — those which rule the roost in their highly polarized districts. When Republicans are allowed to get away with rigging maps and suppressing the vote, our democracy is threatened. Because of gerrymandering, the most extreme candidates have the loudest voices in our politics. And we all know how that ends. It ends with a Congress out of touch with the American people and state legislatures out of touch with their states.

But we can’t just despair. That does nothing to solve our challenge. Too much is at stake. Instead, we must fight. Here’s the truth: The governors and many of the state senators in charge of redistricting in 2021 will be elected in 2018. The NDRC has already won substantial victories in their fight against gerrymandering, but if they are going to make progress toward securing fair maps before 2021 redistricting, they need to make serious gains in November. But that’s going to take a sustained effort, which is possible only if they have support from people like you.

Will you make a donation to help the NDRC fight for fairness in our elections?

Thank you,

John Kerry
68th Secretary of State
2004 Democratic Presidential Nominee

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