September Is Puppy Mill Awareness Month

Shame on Iowa.

Action alert from Iowa Voters for Companion Animals

“Iowa is leading the race for the worst state in which to be a dog or puppy.”

The month of September is Puppy Mill Awareness Month. While we are grateful for the awareness such designations bring to the plight of adult dogs held captive within puppy mills and the millions of puppies born in such squalid conditions, we look forward to the day when such “holidays” are no longer necessary. 

The conditions within puppy mills often include dogs living in filthy, wire cages without proper vet care, socialization, or protection from the elements. Adult dogs are robbed of their very “dog-ness” as their entire lives are dedicated only to producing puppies, and those puppies are too often shipped off to other states with illnesses, genetic defects, or life-long behavioral issues. 

Disappointingly, a large number of puppy mills are currently federally licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Dog breeders acting in such an irresponsible manner so as to earn their facilities the title of “puppy mills” are legal business owners with licenses that continue to be renewed, despite not meeting Animal Welfare Act regulations. 

Iowa is currently home to so many puppy mills that we are ranked third in the nation.

Iowa is leading the race for the worst state in which to be a dog or puppy.

Currently, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship only oversees dog breeding facilities with a state license, not those with a federal license. As the USDA has failed to protect dogs and puppies within facilities they are responsible for overseeing, and continue to redact inspection reports and roll back enforcement policies, it is time for Iowa to take a stand.

It’s time for Iowa to stand up against systematic neglect and cruelty that the USDA has allowed to continue within our state. 

It’s time for Iowa to enact laws to protect dogs and puppies in all dog breeding facilities.

It’s time for state oversight as federal oversight has failed. 

We will continue advocating for Iowa’s dogs and puppies until puppy mills are a thing of the past.

Please help us continue to lobby for better laws by donating today.


Haley Anderson
Executive Director
Iowa Voters for Companion Animals

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3 Responses to September Is Puppy Mill Awareness Month

  1. Anne Duncan says:

    Which Iowa interest groups are protecting puppy mills? Is the puppy-mill lobby that strong, or is it getting some help?


    • Trish Nelson says:

      Big Ag for one. They don’t want any rules that they say might affect how they can treat livestock.


      • Anne Duncan says:

        Thank you. I should know by now that the majority of things that are wrong with this state are connected, one way or another, to the Iowa Farm Bureau.


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