Iowa’s Largest Utilities To Slash Energy Efficiency Programs

Action Alert from CCI – Iowa Citizens for Comunity Improvement

Right now, Iowa’s two largest, for-profit monopoly energy utilities, MidAmerican Energy and Alliant Energy, are developing their next 5-year energy efficiency plans. These plans will be reviewed and approved by the Iowa Utilities Board in the coming months.

We’ve seen their plans, and they aren’t good.

Both companies are proposing to slash popular energy efficiency programs.

Why? Because if we use less energy, they make less money.

Sign our petition to the Iowa Utilities Board: Don’t let MidAmerican and Alliant gut energy efficiency!

This is happening because of the disastrous energy bill the legislature passed and Gov. Reynolds signed earlier this year.

MidAmerican and Alliant fought hard for this bill. Not only does it slash popular energy efficiency programs, it also cuts public oversight, threatens 20,000 green energy jobs, and legalizes eminent domain for natural gas pipelines. All for the sake of more money.

And, MidAmerican and Alliant aren’t hurting for profits. By law, they are guaranteed an 11% annual profit. In 2015 and 2016, MidAmerican’s profits totaled over $1 BILLION paid for by their ratepayers.

Please take two minutes to help us push back against these greedy energy giants, and stand up for energy efficiency, customer savings, and a 100% clean energy future.

We want to deliver at least 500 signatures to the Iowa Utilities Board September 13 – the initial deadline to file comments on MidAmerican’s plan.  

Add your name to the petition here: Tell the IUB to stand

Thanks for all you do.

Let’s put people and planet first,

Matt Ohloff,
Climate Justice organizer

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  1. Anne Duncan says:

    And on top of this, MidAmerican is running TV ads claiming to be extremely green-minded. Mute the ads if you don’t want severe nausea.


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