Send Republicans Home

Why I’m Running

Almost every night at around 5 a.m., my wife turns to me and asks me to take our 5 month old baby down to the living room so she can get a few more hours of sleep before she goes to work. As I sit in the chair in the pre-dawn hours with my son snuggled on my chest sleeping I often think about what his future will be in our home state of Iowa.

I am running for Iowa House in District 37 because I believe we have lost a positive progressive vision for Iowa’s future over the last few years. Iowa is a place that was so proud of its public schools but now our legislature under-funds and undermines our schools with inadequate state aid, attacks on educator’s rights to advocate for their profession, and schemes to divert public funds away from our neighborhood schools.

Iowa is a place that was proud of it’s ability to support small family farmers and small towns with good jobs but now our state legislature adopts policies that favor large corporate interests and do too little to create good middle class jobs for our citizens. Iowa was a place of fiscal conservatism where we were careful with the public funds used to provide the services Iowans needed, but now our legislature cannot seem to balance a budget and continues to hand out tax credits and breaks to the wealthy.

Iowa was always a place that believed in taking care of the beautiful land we were lucky enough to live in, but now our legislature fights against policies that promote high standards for protecting our land, air, and water. Iowa was a place known for moderation, a true “purple” state, but now our state legislature enacts laws and policies that play to the most extreme elements of their base and donors. WE MUST DO BETTER THAN THIS FOR OUR KIDS!

When elected I will work tirelessly to turn this state around and bring it back to a place where we are first in the nation in education, a place where every Iowan has an opportunity to grow and thrive with a solid middle class job, a place where workers are treated with dignity and have the right to bargain a fair contract with their employer, a place where we use common sense to balance our budget and take care of the vital services Iowans deserve, a place where our precious land, air and water are taken care of with strong protections and good land stewardship, and a state where we avoid the toxic extremism driven by outside interests and groups not representing the voice of the majority and return to common sense and moderation in the halls of the capitol.

I hope I can win your support and vote. I look forward to fighting for a forward looking vision for this state.

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