Democrats Call Out Republican Cuts to Iowa’s Community Colleges

In a personal point on the Senate Floor, Senator Rita Hart asks you to tell Republican legislators to stop hurting Iowa’s economy by cutting our community colleges.

These cuts are contained in the Iowa Senate Republicans’ bill, SF 2117. Here’s the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency study of it:…/NOBA/91774…

Find your legislator at…/find

Iowa Community Colleges – $5.4 million midyear budget cut

• Back to 2014 level budget levels.

• Will need to increase tuition between 5 and 10 percent

• Slow down/halt implementation of regional CTE centers – these are joint project with K-12s across the state.

• DMACC diesel program had 58 students ready to start their training for this in-demand field. Now they are only going to be able to train 28 students. People’s lives and careers are being put on hold. This puts the economy on hold. This training program included maintenance of diesel engines, tractors for farmers, and diesel turbines for power plants.

• Shut down process tech training for Bio Refineries (Iowa Central)

• Stop work on a joint Cyber Security program with Iowa State (DMACC)

• No expansion of Court Reporting Program (DMACC)

• Closing of Sign Language Program (Kirkwood)

• Need to cut staff that provide wrap around services such as mental health counselors

• Stop outreach/training programs for ex-offenders

• Water quality – the Legislature just passed this bill. The Community Colleges were set to train people in water quality efforts. They will not be able to develop these new training programs with this cut.

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