Monopoly Money In Iowa’s Third District

Congressman David Young And Candidate Theresa Greenfield Cash Big Checks From Monsanto

Winterset – According to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, Monsanto is playing both sides in the race for Iowa’s Third District Representative. A Monsanto PAC has maxed out on contributions to Republican incumbent David Young, giving the Congressman $5,000, while a major lobbyist for Monsanto has maxed out on primary contributions to Democrat Theresa Greenfield. Monsanto lobbyist Jerry Crawford, the principal in Crawford and Mauro (formerly Crawford, Quilty and Mauro) has given $2,700 to Greenfield’s campaign. The Crawford firm has been paid more than $2 million by Monsanto since 2010 according to, a public interest watchdog group.
Neither Representative Young nor candidate Greenfield has opposed the merger of agricultural giant Monsanto and German conglomerate Bayer, as Bayer-Monsanto seeks to become the world’s largest seed company.

“I’m seeing this pattern of corruption that made me want to get into this race,” says IA-03 Democrat primary candidate and former U.S. Department of the Treasury economist Austin Frerick.

“Who’s going to look out for the farmer who’s facing rising seed costs when an incumbent congressman is beholden to Monsanto’s political action committee and the establishment Democratic candidate is getting campaign contributions from one of Monsanto’s biggest lobbyists?”

Frerick is not accepting contributions from corporate lobbyists or corporate PACs.

“I call on both Theresa Greenfield and Congressman Young to return these contributions and oppose this merger,” Frerick says. “You simply cannot be for rural Iowa and family farms if you take this money.”

Crawford has made only 2 reported federal contributions this election cycle: Greenfield and Ed Meier in TX-32. In both of these races, there are Democrats in the primary who oppose Monsanto’s merger with Bayer (the other opponent to the merger besides Frerick is Lillian Salerno).

The Monsanto Company Citizenship Fund has also made no contributions to federal candidates in Iowa except $5,000 to Representative Young.

About Austin Frerick:

Frerick is running as the first antitrust candidate in the country. He is an Iowa native and lives in Winterset. He has worked as an economist at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Tax Policy, and at the Congressional Research Service in the Domestic Social Policy Division. He has published research on executive compensation, pharmaceutical corporate charity abuses, and the growth of monopolies in the U.S. economy.  He was the first in his family to attend college, graduating from Grinnell College and completing his Master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin La Follette School of Public Affairs. To cover his tuition, he took out student loans and worked four jobs, including as a Special Needs Care Provider for the Arc of East Central Iowa.

About Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District:
The 3rd Congressional District covers Iowa’s southwestern corner, and includes Polk, Dallas, Guthrie, Warren, Madison, Adair, Cass, Pottawattamie, Mills, Fremont, Page, Montgomery, Taylor, Adams, Union and Ringgold counties.

Press for Austin Frerick
Candidate for U.S. Congress (IA-3)
Winterset, Iowa

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