How You Can Help Oust Trump-Supporting Do-Nothing Congressman Steve King

Action Alert from J.D. Scholten, candidate for congress in Iowa’s fourth district

What to do next when you’ve already visited nearly every one of the 39 counties in the district? Launch a 39 county tour to see them all again!

#TeamScholten is proud to announce we’ll be launching our 39 County Movement Building Tour at the start of the new year and we want to hear from you! Tell us which issues concern you the most, how you think we can win this race, and how you’d like to be involved in the movement to dethrone Steve King.

Of course, a tour this big will need funding to help pay for literature and filling up the gas tank (again, and again, and again).

Our 39 County Movement Building Tour is an important step in our effort to beat Steve King. To flip this district from red to blue, we’re going to need a movement that covers every county in this district. Your active participation is the key to winning this race!

Standing Tall for All,

P.S. Sign up to sponsor the tour at any level below and be listed as a 39 County Tour Sponsor on our website!

Click here to donate to Scholten4Iowa


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