Action Alert For Tuesday, March 7: Iowa GOP Wants More Guns Less Voting

From Senator Rob Hogg-

This is an action alert for tonight and Tuesday, March 7.

House Republicans have put two of the “dirty dozen” on their debate list for Tuesday, March 7. The bills are:

House File 516 – create government barriers to voting including restrictive identification requirements.

House File 517 – eliminate permit requirements to acquire firearms, allow “shoot first” defense, allow firearms in State Capitol, and other firearm changes.

You can email representatives about these bills and call the House switchboard (515-281-3221) tomorrow.

If you need email contact information, visit

So far, none of the “dirty dozen” are on the Senate daily debate calendar, but please keep speaking up with Senators. They could show up Wednesday. Here is the full “dirty dozen”to help you pick one or more and speak up for Iowans.

1. Gut Workers Compensation System (HF518/SF435)
2. Prohibit Local “Pre-Qualification” for Bidding (SF438)
3. Circumvent “Buy American” Requirements on Road Projects (SF184)
4. Lower Local Minimum Wages, Block Local Civil Rights Ordinances (HF295)
5. Government Barriers to Voting (HF516/SSB1163)
6. Make Planned Parenthood Ineligible for Medicaid Reimbursement (SF2)
7. Create Religious Exemption to Boarding School Regulations (SF443)
8. Eliminate Permits to Acquire Firearms, Other Firearm Changes (HF517)
9. Unfunded Mandate on Local Officials to Enforce Immigration Laws (SSB1172)
10. End Bottle and Can Deposit Law (HSB163)
11. Take Away Local Control Of Water Supply (HF484/SF456)
12. Restrict Right To Bring Nuisance Lawsuit (HF468/SF447)

Thanks for your ongoing advocacy. Keep speaking up!

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