One Democratic Win At A Time

Monica Kurth

by Molly Regan

It is with great pride and pleasure that I tell you about the swearing in Monday, February 6th of the newest Democrat to the Iowa House of Representatives. My great friend and excellent progressive Democrat MONICA KURTH is from House District 89, part of Davenport and Scott County. There was a vacancy created when former Rep. Jim Lykam won a Senate seat race in December that needed to be filled because of Senator Joe Seng’s passing in September.

This was the fastest campaign I have ever been involved with. Monica was selected as our candidate several days after Sen. Lykam was sworn in. So we only had from January 5th to the 31st to educate the 21,000 potential voters about Monica as well as get as many absentee ballot requests (ABRs) dropped off or sent out and returned. Monica is a retired Scott Community College math teacher and counselor who worked often with at risk students. She has two children and three beautiful grandchildren, so needless to say fully funding education in Iowa is her top priority. Monica went door to door in her district and we volunteers made thousands of calls to get out the vote. It was well worth it.

Of the 2,865 votes cast in the special election, Monica received 2,081 or 72% to her opponent’s 27%. It was a great Democratic victory. 96% of the total votes were ABRs.

Former Governor Martin O’Malley was in contact with Monica the evening of her victory. He had come to Davenport during the campaign to help get the volunteers fired up. Governor O’Malley told Monica she was the first Democrat elected to a major state or federal seat since President Obama left office.

Let this be the first of a multitude of Democratic wins. My hope is that all of you who are discouraged by what is transpiring every day, to find a good progressive Democrat to run for local, state, or federal office then expect to get little sleep in helping them do what we helped Monica do here in Scott County.

Remember what President Obama said.  Run for office yourself, pick up a clipboard and get some signatures. One win at a time. This is how we do it.

Molly Regan, Vice Chair, Scott County Democrats

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