Crazy Iowa Republicans Want Permitless Carry For Literally Everyone

On MLK Day, it seems appropriate to post an action alert by Iowans For Gun Safety.

Contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee that will hold an open public hearing on Wednesday, Jan. 18, at 11:30 am on SJR 2, the bill that calls for an amendment to the state constitution allowing the carrying of guns without the need for a permit or a payment.

This bill is called Constitutional Carry or permitless carry. It is the type of bill defined by “strict scrutiny.” That means that no other consideration should be taken into account. It means an  absolute unqualified right to carry a gun, regardless of mental condition, criminal record, demonstrated ability to handle a firearm, age, or any other limitation.

This would be disastrous for public safety and health. It will also be a long process, requiring a vote again in two years, and then a vote by the public.

Please contact these Senators:

Dan Dawson (R) from Council Bluffs:;

Julian Garrett (R) from Indianola:;


Nate Boulton (D) from Des Moines/Pleasant Hill;

Regardless of which district you are in, they need a flood of mail from Iowans, to get the message.

Also contact other members of the Judiciary Committee. The email format is the same for all.

The following is the full list.

Brad Zaun (R, District 20), Chair
Dan Dawson (R, District 8), Vice Chair
Rich Taylor (D, District 42), Ranking Member
Tony Bisignano (D, District 17)
Nate Boulton (D, District 16)
Jeff Edler (R, District 36)
Julian B. Garrett (R, District 13)
Kevin Kinney (D, District 39)
Janet Petersen (D, District 18)
Charles Schneider (R, District 22)
Jason Schultz (R, District 9)
Tom Shipley (R, District 11)
Amy Sinclair (R, District 14)

If you can attend the subcommittee hearing in person, let me know at or at 319-382-0893. If you can make a statement for yourself or an organization, that would be super!

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