Net Neutrality Back On Chopping Block

al franken on net neutralityAction Alert from Demand Progress

Trump has packed his transition team with Big Telecom lobbyists to help him destroy it.2

Jeffrey Eisenach has worked as a paid consultant for Verizon, and Mark Jamison is a former lobbyist for Sprint. Both are anti-net neutrality zealots, and these are the people Trump has put in charge of the Federal Communications Commission during the transition.

That’s why technology reporters are running articles with banner headlines like, “Bye forever, net neutrality.”3

We’re getting ready to fight back with all we have to save net neutrality. Will you chip in $5?

Jamison has been working on behalf of the telecommunications industry for decades and recently wrote—without a shred of evidence—that “net neutrality in the US is backfiring.”4 Eisenach called net neutrality “crony capitalism pure and simple.”5

But while things might seem bad for net neutrality now, we heard the same predictions of doom during the Obama administration, and even during the George W. Bush administration.

Comcast and their telecom lobbyist buddies have spent tens of millions of dollars to kill the free and open internet, but every time, we’ve stood up to them—and won.

To save the internet, we will use the power of the internet, organizing millions of people all over the country to make phone calls, sign petitions, and attend rallies and public hearings—whatever it takes to stop Trump from destroying net neutrality.

Net neutrality is facing a mortal threat from the Trump presidency. Will you chip in $5 to help save it?

Thanks for standing with us,

David Segal and the Demand Progress Team


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