Democrat Jim Mowrer In Position To Defeat Trump-Supporting Republican Incumbent In IA-03



According to the recent (October 13)  Greenburg-Quinlan-Rosner poll, this race is now in a statistical dead heat.  This race could be decided by just a few votes.

Watch this powerful ad for Jim Mowrer, Democrat for Congress in IA-03. Help Jim unseat the Trump-supporting, tea party Republican Dave Young.  After you run as fast as you can to go vote straight Democrat, click on the link to volunteer or donate to Jim’s campaign.

Nate Greazel, veteran, Iowa National Guard:   I served with Jim in Iraq. I was instructed that I needed to give up one of my analysts to spend most of our time in Iraq out in the desert. He was the first one that came to mind because I knew he was a leader and I knew he could do the job..I sent Jim on the toughest job I had and no one else would have probably said yes but Jim said yes immediately. He’s a true leader who cares about this country.”

Todd Prichard:  “Ive known Jim since 2005. I was his company commander when we were deployed to Iraq. It takes somebody who’s smart and someone who is dedicated. It takes somebody who cares and they know how important this job is because quite frankly, peoples lives depend on the decisions and the analysis that he’s making. What I notieced in Jim was that he was dependable and completely dedicated to doing his job.”


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