The Return Of The 50 State Strategy

Dean crowd 2004

“Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign will maintain staff in all 50 states during the general election with an eye toward overwhelming Republicans in the fall and rebuilding the Democratic Party’s infrastructure thereafter.”

This is really the best news I’ve seen for awhile. Howard Dean implemented the 50-state strategy back in the day when he was DNC chair.  Under President Obama, it went by the wayside in favor of OFA. Hillary Clinton is super smart and she now realizes it is esssential to beating back the Republican party and making sure it stays dead this time.

According to Huffpo:

When he took over the Democratic National Committee following the 2004 election, Howard Dean implemented an across-the-map approach to rebuilding the party, arguing that Democrats could only regain a foothold in lost territory if they put people there.

“The 50-state strategy worked. It gave us the majorities in the House and the Senate, and then it was abandoned because Obama chose to go with OFA [Organizing For Action], which did not work, and the DNC scaled way back on it,” Dean, a supporter of and consultant to Clinton’s campaign, told HuffPost. “But I’m very pleased it is going to be rebuilt. I think they totally get that her legacy depends on having a Democratic Congress and that she has to start now.”

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