How You Can Help Defeat Branstad’s Corrupt Agenda For Iowa

alec-exposed-in-iowa-14-638It doesn’t have to be a model ALEC bill. Branstad is still facilitating ALEC’s anti-public education, pro-corporation agenda with this plan. To him, Iowa’s terrible water quality is just another perfect opportunity to take money from public education and give it to his friends.

Action Alert From Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI):

Branstad’s $4.7 Billion Blunder

Governor Branstad’s plan to steal funds from schools to support “voluntary” measures should be DOA.

Branstad has released his “signature” plan for water quality, and the idea stinks more than the factory farm manure polluting our rivers!

The Governor – now acknowledging that Iowa is facing a clean water crisis – thinks that voluntary measures will work to clean it up. And to support those voluntary measures he has proposed taking $4.7 billion dollars over the next 30 years out of a voter approves fund that supports school and education infrastructure.

Take action now to stop House File 2382 – corporate ag must pay to clean up their own mess, not us.

We shouldn’t be robbing Peter to pay Paul, especially when it hurts our communities’ schools.

And, we shouldn’t throw tax-payer money at voluntary measures that don’t work. NO industry has voluntarily regulated itself.

We need tough rules and regulations that crack down on factory farm and ag pollution, not public funded measures that let corporate agribusinesses carry on with business as usual.

Take action now for a Clean Water Iowa! Tell your legislator to vote no on Branstad’s bad water plan bill.

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