Stop Branstad’s Corporate Takeover Of Medicaid

Action Alert from Iowans for Quality Medicaid

Action is needed ASAP in support of a Senate vote today to stop Medicaid privatization.

On Thursday, February 10, the Iowa Senate will debate Senate File 2125, legislation to stop Medicaid privatization.

In committee, a BIPARTISAN majority of the Senate Human Resources Committee approved this bill.

The bill is certain to pass because every member of the Senate’s Democratic majority has already indicated they will vote to stop Medicaid privatization.

However, the more Republican Senators who also vote to stop Medicaid privatization, the more likely it is that the Republican House will discuss the legislation.

Please contact Senators and urge them to vote FOR SF 2125 when it is debated this Thursday, beginning at 9 AM.

• You can leave a message for Senators at 515-281-3371.

• You can find your Senator at

Please spread the news!
Thank you!

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