Free Public Workshop On Corporate vs. Community Rights

paul cienfuegosWe the People Are More Powerful Than We Dare Believe: A Community Rights Workshop with Paul Cienfuegos

100Grannies For A Livable Future and local coalition Environmental Advocates present a FREE and public introductory workshop with National Community Rights Educator Paul Cienfuegos. In this 4-hr workshop you will learn:

 – Why counties and communities can’t keep out harmful activities (like CAFOs, pipelines)

 – Why corporations are “people,” with MORE rights than human beings.

 – Find out how we can change the system so community rights take precedence and the rights of nature can be protected

 – How 200 communities in nine states have already passed legally binding, locally enforceable laws that ban harmful corporate activities and rein in the “rights” of corporations; and we can do it too!

Be inspired and empowered, meet like-minded and socially engaged people in the community, and get informed on the issues! Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Coralville Public Library
Schwab Auditorium
Saturday, Oct. 17th.
Registration: 8:45am
Program: 9am-12pm
FREE event–donations encouraged

More information here

Paul Cienfuegos, National Community Rights Educator will give an introductory workshop on corporate vs. community rights and how to take back the power!


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