Lincoln Chafee In A Small Field

That Lincoln Chafee’s presidential campaign gets noticed is largely attributable to the small field of five announced Democratic contenders. Just by the fact of inclusive blogger to-do lists, Chafee gets an article mention here and there… not unlike this one.

Maybe it would be best if Chafee became president and imposed his will on a disgruntled nation. “Dammit,” he might say, “we’re switching to the metric system, and that’s that.”

Not really. As Arlo Guthrie said, “we have to solve our problems the way we made them, inch by inch, and mile by mile.”

If Chafee has been to Iowa this year, it was a forgettable moment. When he speaks at the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame Dinner in Cedar Rapids on July 17, Democratic eyes will be watching just by the fact of his being there. For my part, I hope the event is broadcast on YouTube or CSPAN, as I am already scheduled to volunteer at my local community town festival that night. Politics takes a holiday for that.

Chafee’s views are Democratic ones, according to his website. He hammers Hillary Clinton for her vote for the Iraq War, and as the only Republican senator to vote against authorization, Chafee has standing to do so. But what else Lincoln Chafee? What differentiates your campaign?

Maybe the metric system is it.

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