Pie Has Everything To Do With It

Iowa State Capitol

Iowa State Capitol

Iowa Democratic legislators apparently still think that Republicans can be embarassed for their silly, pathetic behavior. In this video it is wryly commented upon that Republicans seem more concerned about what kind of pie they are being served than about health care for Iowans (dividing up the actual pie). Yes, it has been obvious for some time that they do care more about themselves and their petty personal concerns than everyone else’s piece of the community pie.  But it will have no impact whatsoever to attempt to embarass them for their utterly irresponsible, self-indulgent, frat-boy behavior. They are way beyond giving a damn what anyone thinks.

Attempting to ridicule the Republicans about the pie nontroversy doesn’t work as strategy like, for example, them making fun of John Kerry for “flip-flopping” worked. Here’s why: The pie nontroversy and the “Sex Over Sixty” debacle were both purposeful displays of contempt – contempt for the Democratic process, contempt for their across-the-aisle colleagues, contempt all around. They weren’t caught making a gaffe, they were flaunting their stupid. They know they are getting away with it.  They do not fear looking bad.

It is frustrating to watch Democrats still behaving (at least publicly) as if Republicans are operating in good faith when they are in actuality not even trying. They find it amusing that Democrats try to argue with them on the merits of issues when they themselves know that they are making no attempt at creating decent public policy. Far from it. The opposite.

But back to my original point on this video. As long as Democrats choose to make the privatization of Medicaid about the way Branstad plans to privatize (create profits for cronies) Medicaid, rather than continuing to hammer on the terrible fact of what he is doing and why, then they are missing an opportunity to show real leadership by exposing these scoundrels to Iowans.

Dems have conceded all of the ground –  they are essentially saying that it is ok for Branstad to privatize Medicaid – he is just privatizing it incorrectly. I get that the way it happens is the only ground left now, but if we made the argument that he shouldn’t be doing it at all, that would be a stronger argument than  one that says, please let us have a say in this decision that you are ramming down everyone’s throats, to borrow a  phrase.

Good luck with that.


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