People of Iowa: Keep Iowa Mental Health Institutes Open

MHIThere is a petition on to prevent the Branstad administration and the legislature from closing the doors of two of Iowa’s mental health institutions. It needs 725 signatures to reach 5,000.

People of Iowa: Keep Iowa MHIs Open

Gov. Branstad has made a proposal to shut down the Mental Health Institutes of Mt. Pleasant and Clarinda, Iowa. This petition is to support keeping them open, and keeping them funded.

Not only are there not enough beds to support everyone who would be affected by this, those that are working at these MHIs will be out of a job, or will be uprooted to move to the next closest MHI, which is in Independence, Iowa. This facility is 3+ hours away.

This proposal will ultimately not save money as the Governor states. It will cause extra money to be spent on other psychiatric units of hospitals and nurses of these hospitals, ultimately causing them to be spending more to support the influx of people.

Please sign this petition to help my Psych/Mental Health class of Iowa Wesleyan College lobby in Des Moines to support this cause. We are also affected seeing as our school, Indian Hills Community College, and Southeastern Community College all use this facility to train in the psychiatric clinical setting. Please help us keep them open!

Click here to sign the petition

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