Ernst Does Her Job, Attempts To Whip Up Base At Summit

AlecRepublicans have absolutely nothing to say and this proves it. Ernst sounded about as coherent as Sarah Palin, and these were prepared remarks.  To be fair, it is tough to sound like you are saying something while saying nothing, which is what their candidates are required to do. Here are some excerpts of her speech at Steve King’s Freedom Summit in Des Moines over the weekend, but if you missed Joni Ernst on the campaign trail, be sure and also watch the video.  It is obvious that she is delivering designated lines to a crowd she and her handlers believe are not terribly bright.

Joni Ernst:

“Thank you Citizens United.”

“Tremendous victory all across Iowa, so thank you for doing that. We can’t stop there.”

“We spoke loud and clear here in Iowa that we want to see a change. That change has been delivered.”

“It was because of you that we saw this tremendous victory.”

“Another thing I spoke about…defending life. defending innocent life.. we will be judged by how we take care of our most vulnerable in our population. that goes from our beginning of life to our natural death. We need to make sure that everyone understands that we are compassionate and we will defend this innocent life…”

“Isis and Al Qaeda are being radicalized by extremists.”

In the first 3 weeks of being in the US Senate we’ve voted on more amendments than they voted on in Harry Reid’s senate in all of 2014..hahaha.”

“another thing I mentioned was exec. overreach… [President Obama] is taking on the jobs that I was sent to DC to to do, what Steve King was sent to do, what Chuck Grassley was sent to do… we are legislators, the president is not. We need to stop that executive overreach…and that includes executive amnesty…uh-huh.”

“We have 54 wonderful Republican senators but we’re still 6 seats shy of that magical number.”

“We want Iowa to remain red. We will not be a purple state. We will be a red state. Heh-heh-heh..”

“I hope that all of you will be involved in the Iowa caucuses. You should be involved in the Iowa caucuses.”

“I will be making sure that we keep Iowa a red state. ”


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