Iowa Legislative Session 2015: Democrats Advocate For Kids, Environment, Rural Broadband

Iowa State Capitol

Iowa State Capitol

According to WHO-TV there are several pre-filed bills already waiting  including a bill that would ban phone calls while driving:

“The Department of Public Safety is suggesting legislation to update the texting ban. It would make it illegal for you to use your phone for just about everything while driving — emails, making calls, making video calls, and using the internet.  You would still be able to use GPS and make calls with hands free devices. 

Legislators are also expected to work on the gas tax, bullying, and the state’s budget.”

Not mentioned in the story is what the Iowa Firearms Coalition is thinking:

“On January 12th we begin a new legislative session, and with the NRA and your help we plan to chart new territory. In recent years we’ve had limited success passing pro-2nd Amendment bills. It’s not because those bills lacked strong support. On the contrary, they generally had a huge backing. But one anti-gun legislator, Senator Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids, held a key position in the legislature, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. From there he used procedural measures to block every bill that the Iowa Firearms Coalition and the NRA supported.

This year things are going to be different though. Rob Hogg is no longer the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He’s been replaced by Steve Sodders of State Center. Sodders is a Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputy. In recent years he’s supported some of our bills. But he’s also opposed others. Let’s make sure Steve Sodders knows full well that Iowans believe strongly in our 2nd Amendment rights and will fight any attempt to infringe on those rights.”

Gun people and the NRA believe that their right to feel safe by carrying a gun trumps everyone else’s right to actually be safe from gun violence.  Progressives, you too can contact Democrat Steve Sodders and exercise your first amendment right to free speech.  And if you haven’t done so yet, how about we all send a thank-you to Senator Rob Hogg?

Democrats’ legislative agenda:

After three mentions in one article of how they fully intend to cooperate with the GOP (thus defeating the purpose by inadvertantly communicating that they, not the GOP,  are the problem), and placating the media by pretending to agree that we all are begging for “tax relief,” Democrats did reveal a sensible, people and environment-friendly agenda.

“The Democratic legislative agenda includes increasing access to preschool for 4-year-olds, helping Iowa companies land state contracts, and making sure private-sector workers aren’t cheated out of their wages by unscrupulous employers.

The priority list also proposes providing more worker training at community colleges, expanding access to broadband services for Iowans in rural and underserved areas; and encouraging the production and use of renewable energy, such as biofuels, wind and solar.”   Des Moines Register

Thank you Iowa Democrats for sane ideas. Now please work on better messaging and better framing of the issues.

Good luck in 2015!


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