IA-04: The Alliance for Retired Americans Endorses Jim Mowrer


Iraq War Veteran and congressional candidate Jim Mowrer has been endorsed by the Alliance for Retired Americans, an organization with more than 30,000 members in Iowa.

In a letter of endorsement, the organization wrote that Mowrer’s positions “demonstrate a strong commitment to improve the quality of life for older Americans,” and that “[his] leadership on issues such as preserving and protecting Social Security and Medicare from privatization and benefit cuts ensures these programs will be around for current and future generations.”

Jim Mowrer: “I am humbled that the Alliance for Retired Americans believes that my election to the House of Representatives will enhance the quality of life for older Americans. While Congressman Steve King continues to vote to cut Social Security benefits and end Medicare as we know it, I’m committed to preserving and strengthening Social Security programs for years to come.”

To view a copy of the letter, click here.

Jim Mowrer grew up on a farm in Boone, Iowa. He is a life-long resident of the 4th district.

When Jim was seven, he lost his father in a farming accident. Thanks to his father’s Social Security survivor benefits, Jim’s family was able to get back on its feet. Jim worked hard and graduated from Boone High School and married his high school sweetheart, Chelsey. Today they have two boys, Carter (6) and Jack (3).

A month after the Iraq war started, Jim joined the Iowa National Guard, eventually serving in Iraq with the 1-133 Infantry Battalion.

In 2010, Jim was asked to serve as the Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of the Army. At the Pentagon, Jim helped start and oversee the Army’s Office of Business Transformation – tasked with making the Army more effective, while saving tax dollars.

Jim Mowrer’s whole life has been about service to our country and protecting what makes America and Iowa great.

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