Loebsack To Debate Opponent – Round Three

Dean BorgDean Borg with Iowa Press could just cut and paste his 2010 introduction to the debate between Rep. Dave Loebsack and Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks for Thursday’s debate in Iowa City:

“Same candidates, new election. Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks again challenging incumbent Democrat David Loebsack to represent Iowa’s second congressional district. We’re questioning the candidates on this edition of Iowa Press.” ~ Dean Borg Sept. 24, 2010.

Watch the whole 2010 debate here, and tune in at 7 p.m. on Thurday, Aug. 28, on Iowa Public Television. The program will be available on the IPTV website afterward. Here are a couple of favorite Blog for Iowa out takes from 2010.

Miller-Meeks’ Legitimacy

O. Kay Henderson: Ms. Miller-Meeks, you are running against an incumbent. Most incumbents who run for re-election are re-elected. This is your second tour of duty in this regard and you haven’t raised as much money compared to other republican challengers in Iowa. Are you a legitimate challenger?

Miller-Meeks: Absolutely.


Henderson: Mr. Loebsack, one thing on which you did vote was the healthcare reform plan. You voted for it.

Loebsack: Well, when I voted for that bill I wasn’t thinking about whether it was popular or not, I voted for it because I had held a number of town meetings around the district, sixteen town meetings and the consensus was that the healthcare system was broken, that we needed to have fundamental change. I voted for it because there are over 400,000 Iowans in the second district who now have stable and secure health insurance. I voted for it because children now who have pre-existing conditions can get health insurance, young adults can get health insurance with their parents’ policy up to age 26 and that’s why I voted for it.

Borg: I’ve listened to you on the campaign trail and I understand that you’re campaigning saying, you elect me and I’ll help repeal what was just enacted. Is that your stand?

Miller-Meeks: I think you need to repeal and reform the bill.

Truth be known, the 2010 debate was a bit of a sleeper. Here’s hoping for some fireworks tomorrow night.

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