Iowa's Brad Anderson – 2014 And Beyond

Brad Anderson and Family

Brad Anderson and Family

The U.S. Congressman from Iowa’s Fourth District is saying wacky stuff again, this time about the Iowa Secretary of State race where Brad Anderson faces off with a former SOS in a closely watched race.

In a fundraising letter, Rep. Steve King wrote, that by electing Anderson as Iowa secretary of state, Democrats had a master plan to deprive U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of votes needed to win re-election in 2016.

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what they are up to,” wrote the congressman. I’m glad he is not a rocket scientist, as Armageddon would already have arrived.

Of course he seeks to fire up his base and garner political campaign contributions by his outrageous statements. However, here’s where he got the Democratic strategy wrong.

The struggle isn’t about 2016, it’s about 2020 and who controls the state legislature, not only in Iowa, but across the country.

“We have an opportunity to pick up a state house here (in Iowa),’ said Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz at a breakfast meeting in Iowa City last Saturday. “That is absolutely critical. We have to look forward to 2020 when we go through the next re-districting. We want to control the majority of legislative chambers by the time we get to the next re-districting. I know it’s not that sexy or interesting. We have got to make sure we reverse the losses we had in 2010 when we controlled the majority of legislative chambers.”

Iowa is repeatedly credited with a fair re-districting process after each decennial U.S. census. Brad Anderson has emphasized an equitable approach to serving as secretary of state should he be elected. Minutiae matters more in close elections, and naturally Democrats want a fair person like Anderson to hold that office.

Anderson’s issues are increasing voter turnout, making it easier to start a business, caucus integrity, and military and overseas voting. Leave it to Iowa’s fourth district representative to miss the obvious and divert attention to chimeras and charlatans.

If you haven’t learned about Brad Anderson and his ideas to serve Iowa as secretary of state, it’s time to study up. Check out his web site here.

Contribute to Anderson for Iowa here.

As the fall campaign begins, remember to budget some time to help elect Democrats. That’s our master plan, and thank goodness King doesn’t read Blog for Iowa, because we don’t want him to know we are busy organizing midst his blustering.

Anderson summarized where his race is at, by the numbers in the following email sent Sunday, Aug. 17:


There was a national story on the Iowa Secretary of State’s race a couple months ago where the reporter pointed out: “There’s nothing glamorous about running for secretary of state.” As Lisa can attest, I’ve never been one for glamor.

Over the past few weeks I’ve put thousands of miles on my pretty unglamorous Chevy Sonic (and even a few new dents) while traveling the state to meet with voters and volunteers. Every step of the way I’ve been inspired the people I’ve met and and the passion Iowans have for protecting our right to vote and electing a new Secretary of State.

I’ve always been a numbers guy.  Now that the election is 78 days away, I want to take a moment to thank you for your continued support and update you on the status of the campaign over the past few weeks, by the numbers (of course).

3,886 – Postcards handwritten by our volunteers.
2,867 – Miles driven.
354 – Supporters at the first annual AndersonFest picnic (I say “first annual” because we are going to do it again next year after we win).
12 – Iowa towns visited.
– Subways visited on the road.
2 – New policy ideas proposed to create an Iowa veteran business registry and increase access to Iowa military voters serving overseas.
0 – Number of times I wished running for Secretary of State was more “glamorous.”

When I announced our campaign for Secretary of State, I made a promise to you that we will run a substantive campaign focused on the issues at stake, and we will never be outworked.

Over the next 78 days we will continue to travel across the state talking about these important issues and building the grassroots network we need to win. I look forward to seeing you out there on the trail.

P.S. We need your help! Sign up to volunteer today.

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  1. Dave Bradley says:

    An endorsement by King may get Pate a few more votes in the 4th district, but could lose Pate many more votes statewide and may even spur some Democrats to make sure they vote. No, King is not a rocket scientist.


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