Iowa Senate Race Roundup #IASEN

Rep. Bruce Braley

Rep. Bruce Braley

The national, corporate news media has been writing a lot about the Iowa U.S. Senate race to replace Tom Harkin. Here are some links to stories so readers can follow along:

Greg Sargent of the Washington Post wrote about Joni Ernst’s criticism of President Obama in the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Saying something would likely have been impossible, or at least not doable at the time, Ernst said, “what I would have supported is leaving additional troops in Iraq longer,”  or a Status of Forces Agreement.

It looks like the Iraq war is moving up in importance in the Iowa U.S. Senate race.

“At any rate, this puts a GOP candidate in a top-tier Senate race squarely in the anti-withdrawal camp,” wrote Sargent. “Dem Rep. Bruce Braley’s aides have already telegraphed that they will characterize Ernst’s position as akin to that of Dick Cheney. They are also highlighting Ernst’s recent suggestion that “I do have reason to believe that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq” to build the case.”

Read Sargent’s entire article on the race by clicking here.

Here is a short linkfest of articles in the corporate media about the U.S. Senate race.

Washington Post, Aug. 10. “Republican takeover of Senate appears more and more assured.”

New York Times, Aug. 9. “Uniting to Take Congress, GOP Tries to Become the Party of ‘Yes.’

Washington Post, Aug. 9. “Unlike previous midterm election years, no dominent theme has emerged for 2014.”

While you are at it, listen to Bruce Braley’s soap box speech last week at the Iowa State Fair. Link courtesy of Radio Iowa is here.

One more: the BFIA post on Nate Silver’s recent evaluation of the U.S. Senate race, which is here

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