Still Not Ready For Hillary

Evan Bayh Stumping for Loebsack in 2006

Evan Bayh Stumping for Loebsack in 2006

Where the weird Ready for Hillary political action committee (PAC) gets it wrong is political organizing in 2014 Iowa is about the 2014 midterms, not raising money and identifying support for a potential 2016 presidential candidate.

Think back to 2006, and the exploratory presidential campaign of non-rock star candidate Senator Evan Bayh. He was seen all across the state at party events, during some of which he handed out checks from his PAC to local candidates far down the ticket. He ultimately decided not to run for president, but helped a lot of Iowa Democrats while he figured it out in a serious effort to understand the politics of the Hawkeye state.

In October 2006, we hosted a fundraiser for former State Representative Ro Foege in the City of Solon. Our headliner was John Edwards, second place finisher in the then yet to be 2008 caucuses, who contributed to one of our most successful fund raisers ever. Edwards had just returned from Uganda. Granted that Foege was good friends with the late Elizabeth Edwards, but John Edwards basically put his chips on the table and lived in Iowa in 2007, and helped a lot of candidates along the way.

The same could be said for the rest of the pack that appeared at the 2007 Harkin Steak Fry with a notable exception.

A Ready for Hillary meeting was held at a public library last night and I intended to go.

“I did not get down there,” I wrote to my BFIA colleagues in an email this morning. “Actually I thought I would, then forgot. We should be seeing potential 2016 candidates donating and helping raise money for local pols right now, not organizing for Hillary. That is, unless Hillary wants to come to Iowa and helps Dave Loebsack or Bruce Braley.”

Because of her rock-star status, H. Clinton won’t be coming to Iowa any time soon, at least that’s a safe prediction.

Trish Nelson wrote about being not ready for Hillary in the Prairie Progressive last December. She sums up the situation, and if you missed it, BFIA cross posted the article here.

There was other press coverage of the events last night, I think there was. What the heck, here’s James Q. Lynch’s coverage of the event from the Sioux City Journal to satisfy the unending appetite for the elusive Hillary candidacy. Something we don’t share at BFIA, but sometimes feel compelled to cover.

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